By Brytanie P.

With summer right around the corner, weekend getaways are the perfect way to beat the Valley heat while also taking your family on a mini vacation. Here are a few staff selections to get away for the weekend.

One of my favorite inexpensive weekend getaway spots is Utah. The plane ride can range anywhere from one to two hours. For those with a love for the outdoors, Utah offers many different parks and trails with breathtaking views. Utah also offers great architecture. The Temple Square in Salt Lake City is full of beautifully-made buildings that can be marveled at during the day or night.

Phoenix credit union suggests Colorado as a quick getaway.Sedona
Seth from our digital branch enjoys going with his wife up to Sedona. It’s only a two hour drive from Phoenix, making it a great weekend getaway. While in Sedona, there are many different trails to hike. Or, if you’re looking for something less physically intensive, Jeep tours allow you to take a ride and check out some of Sedona’s best red rock formations, including Bell Rock and Chicken Point.

Local credit union suggests Sedona as an easy getaway.Jerome
Jesus, one of our digital banking experts, chose Jerome, Arizona, as one of his favorite getaways. For those who love a little suspense, the Jerome Grand Hotel offers a Ghost Hunting Tour. Jerome also offers stunning views for explorers and activities for almost everyone in the family.

Jerome is a quaint town just north of PhoenixCamp Verde
One of our marketing team members, Sara, loves to make the drive up to Camp Verde, just south of Sedona. Many of the wineries and restaurants in that region are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. You can visit their tasting rooms and enjoy the scenic drive yourself or as a part of a tour group that will pick you up in Phoenix or Sedona!

Visiting local wineries is a great summer getaway in Phoenix.Las Vegas
Karen, a Glendale branch team member, likes to take in the glitz and excitement of Vegas. A four to five hour drive (or 45 minute flight) will get you there. While there, you can eat at some of the most famous restaurants in the U.S., take in a few great shows or schedule a zip line adventure over Fremont Street. OK, it’s still hot in Vegas, but all the amazing things to do make it bearable.

Las Vegas is a more popular destination for weekend vacations from Phoenix