By Sara Bristoll

Dorm living is a ritual many teens experience during their first few years of college. During this time, first-time dorm dwellers and their roommates try to cram as much as possible into every available inch of their compact living spaces. So, how to cut the clutter? Here’s a list of what not to bother buying for the dorm room.

  • Ironing Board or Iron: Honestly, what college student has the time (or mindset) to iron their wrinkled clothes? Shop for easy-care and wrinkle-resistant clothing instead.
  • Small Appliances: Many students bring toasters or coffee pots with them that they never end up using. Students should wait to see if they will actually use them before taking up valuable counter space.
  • Off-Season Clothes: Closet space is most likely going to shrink by 75 percent. Try to pack only clothes needed for the current semester and switch out seasons over winter and summer break.
  • Excessive Amounts of Anything: Books, Movies and Games: With digital copies of almost everything and digital streaming mainstream, save space and leave home with only two or three favorite books, movies or games.

What did you bring to the dorm and never used? Share your thoughts with our college-age members here!